Reiki, what is it?

What is ‘Reiki’ ? ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese word ‘Rei’ means ‘universal’ or ‘spiritual’. ‘Ki’ is the ‘prana’ which means ‘life energy force’. ‘Reiki’ universal life energy force is more commonly understood as a simple hands-on healing system.

Rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the late 19th century, it can be used to heal oneself as well as others. ‘Reiki’ is, in fact, the fundamental energy of which the universe is made up. ‘Reiki’ is, therefore, everywhere, and exists as everything. What is its Nature & How does ‘‘Reiki’’ Work ‘Reiki’ energy is spiritual in nature. This process corrects any energy imbalance resulting from a disharmonious pattern of absorption and recirculation of the cosmic energy within the human system – leading to all-round physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. ‘Reiki’ can only be used for noble and positive ends to heal.reiki-cat-300x229

‘Reiki’ is nothing but unlimited and unconditional pure love energy of the Latent Oneness for all that comprises it. This love energy is the greatest vibration available to mankind. One of the most curious things about ‘Reiki’ is that you can make no mistake in its use-it has its own intelligence.

The provider of ‘Reiki’ energy is merely a channel. Though it is impossible to use ‘Reiki’ to cause anyone harm, ‘Reiki’ may release suppressed negative emotions – anger, depression and so forth – against one’s expectations.

‘Reiki’ energy enters from the crown chakra from the north to throat chakra down to the heart chakra before flowing out through the channel’s palms in a counter-clock wise helical path finally releases negative energy down the soles of the feet.

With regular use of ‘Reiki’, old mental and emotional blocks start, dissolving. The effects of ‘Reiki’ ‘Reiki’ helps restoring the lost balance between the mind, body and spirit acquired by a human because of changing eating habits, environment & the society we live in. Because it transcends both time and space.

‘Reiki’ soothes pain, hastens the healing process, stops bleeding (if not too profuse), relaxes and rejuvenates the body, balances the chakras and energy body and balances the two hemispheres of the brain. Possibilities with ‘Reiki’ The ability to keep your cool and cheer increased self confidence and performance levels. ‘Reiki’ can be used to heal the environment and mother earth. (Source)


Stress ? No Energy ? Poor Sleep ? Pain ? Ill ? Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that deeply relaxes the body to enable it to rebalance it’s energy & heal . Results can be amazing !

In a nutshell Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. 


Reiki with Emma is a relaxing treatment. Emma is a Counsellor, Angel Card Reader and Reiki Master.

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Give away your money and be rich!

Sounds counterintuitive but did you ever hear that giving away at least 10% of your income will increase your abundance and financial well-being?

The secret of increasing your wealth is to give your money away. Sounds a bit like Brewsters millions.. But it is the subject of books such as Happy Money, Think and Grow Rich and The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

One secret of unending wealth is to tithe your income. Some may have heard of this and are already doing this. But if not, this is where you give 10% of your income to a spiritual organisation or a cause that you get value from regularly. According to universal laws, what you give away is returned to you in ten foldThis can include giving to charities you believe in.9594d0d2ecea9ed55a330ee68dd7c01d

Money is Energy. Another concept is that money is an energy, it likes to move. Let it move, spend it.  Don’t hoard your money as this sends a message to the universe that you are afraid of loosing your money.

It’s very important to remember that money likes movement. It doesn’t like sitting still, being stagnant or static. It wants to express itself by doing what it was meant to do — to be used as a medium of exchange. If money if not used, then there is no exchange of values. Energy that doesn’t move is merely unused potential. It has to move for it to be of use.
Buenostar, Laina (2012-06-23). Happy Money (Increase the Flow of Money with a Simple 2-Step Formula)

Gratitude is the new buzz word that will help you with prosperity. Be grateful for what you have.

A quote from Catherine Ponder “I give thanks that I am now rich, well and happy and that my financial affairs are in divine order. Every day in every way I am growing richer and richer.” When we are grateful we open the doors to receive. If we have nothing to be grateful for start with your breath, can you breath, can you move, can you walk? Give thanks for this (See Oprah clip on Gratitude)



If you are still having trouble manifest money into your life. Look at your own beliefs around money. A great book by Barbra Stanny looks at the inner work that needs to be done in order to clear your path to prosperity. Self worth, family patters, worthiness are all blocks and challenges to your financial abundance.

Giving away your money, being grateful for what you have and opening up to receive money to flow to you are strong keys to your financial abundance.

Give a few affirmations a go too – words are powerful!


Reiki master, Counsellor, Angel Card Reader

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Crystals and colours

Rose Quartz and pink flowers Rose quartz grid

Crystals are really beautiful to look at but did you know they have excellent properties to help you in your life. Most healers and alternative medicine practitioners will have crystals in some form or use crystals in their treatments. Some of us will intuitively know how to use crystals and for others they are just pretty stones.

For me I buy crystals that I like the look of and then I look up their meaning later. A good guide to go with is first of all your intuition and then the chakra system.

The rainbow colours of the chakra system is a good guide as the colours often correspond to the crystal colour that can work best with it. For example if studying  or reading or doing a lot of intuitive work you will be using your 3rd eye and your eyes can get tired.      The colour of the 5th chakra / 3rd eye Chakra colourschakra is indigo,  so an indigo colour crystal such as Sodalite can balance that area.

If you need comforting sometimes the rose quartz stone can be quite soothing. It can work well when held or worn around the neck near your heart chakra. Some women will carry them in their bra! The Heart Chakra has two colours which are pink and green. So choosing a green or pink stone can bring comfort and healing. Experiment next time your are in a crystal shop and see what stones you are attracted to. Then look them up and see what the crystal wisdom is telling you that you might need.


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Emma is a reiki master, counsellor, angel card reader.
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Abundance quotes


The dynamic laws of prosperity by Catherine Ponder (Listen to these affirmations here)
(Selected Affirmations)
“I give thanks that I am the ever renewing, the ever unfolding expression of infinite life, health, and energy.””Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces.”

“I give thanks for ever increasing health, youth and beauty.”

“I am the radiant child of God, my mind, body and affairs now express his radiant perfection.”

“I give thanks that I am now rich, well and happy and that my financial affairs are in divine order. Every day in every way I am growing richer and richer.”

“Money, money, money manifest thyself here and now in rich abundance.”

“Abundance, wealth, health and happiness. Divine intelligence is even now opening the way for my immediate blessings. I have faith that all that is mine by divine right now comes to me in rich abundance. I have faith that all that is mine by divine right now comes to me in rich abundance, my rich blessings do not interfere with anyone else’s good, since God’s rich substance is unlimited and everywhere for all to us. There is no delay!

That which is not for my highest good now fades from me and I no longer desire it. My God-given desires are richly fulfilled now in God’s own wonderful way.”

“I am an irresistible magnet, with the power to attract unto myself everything that I divinely desire, according to the thoughts, feelings and mental pictures I constantly entertain and radiate. I am the center of my Universe! I have the power to create whatever I wish. I attract whatever I radiate. I attract whatever I mentally choose and accept, I begin choosing and mentally accepting the highest and best in life. I now choose and accept health, success and happiness. I now choose lavish abundance for myself and for all humankind. This is a rich, friendly Universe and I dare to accept its riches, its hospitality, and to enjoy them now.”

“I am the rich child of a loving father. I now accept and claim his rich good for me in every phase of my life. My own God-given success in the form of rich ideas and rich results now appears.”

“I am now experiencing perfect health, abundant prosperity and complete and utter happiness. This is true because the world is full of charming people who now lovingly help me in every way. I am now coming into an innumerable company of angels. I am now living a delightful, interesting and satisfying life of the most widely useful kind. Because of my own increased health, wealth and happiness, I am now able to help others live a delightful, interesting and satisfying life of the most widely useful kind, my good – our good – is universal.”

“I am now activated by Divine Love and guided by divine power into my right work, which I perform in a perfect way for perfect pay. The divine plan of my life now takes shape in definite concrete experiences, leading to perfect health, happiness, success and prosperity.”

“Divine intelligence is in charge of my life. I am now open, receptive, and obedient to its rich instruction and guidance.”

“Divine intelligence directs the right buyer to this property. Everyone concerned is blessed by a just and orderly exchange of values.”

“Divine intelligence knows our need, knows where the right house is and knows how to manifest it to us at the right time.”

“There is gold dust in the air for me. Through definite, deliberate prosperous thinking. I now begin assimilating that gold dust. And even now I am beginning to experience gold dust results.”

“Divine restoration is taking place. The good which the locusts of lack have eaten is being divinely restored. The divine law of balance and equilibrium is doing its perfect work.”

“Refusing to criticize another’s prosperity, I turn to God, ask his direction and I am prospered. In like manner, others refuse to criticize my prosperity. Instead, they turn to God, ask his direction and they, too are prospered. There is plenty of success and prosperity for all.”

“This situation does not dismay me. God is with me to uphold and sustain me, and to make all things right. I trust everything in my life to the tender care of the Father. I know his will for me is health, happiness, prosperity, spiritual unfoldment and all that is good.”

“Nothing but good can come into my life, for God is in charge.”

“I give thanks for the immediate, complete, divine fulfillment of these desires. This or something better comes forth with perfect timing, according to God’s rich good for me.”

“Divine intelligence now works in me and my life and affairs, to will and to do whatever for my highest good, and divine intelligence cannot fail!”

“I am now shown new ways of living and new methods of work. I am not confined to the ways and methods of the past. I experience my perfect work in the perfect way, which now renders me perfect satisfaction and perfect pay.”

“No, I do not have to accept this situation. God in his almighty goodness is dissolving and removing all negation from my world. No situation dismays me, for God, the Spirit of good is with me, unfolding and sustaining me and making all things right.”

“Regardless of taxes, the cost of living or the rate of unemployment, my financial income can and does increase richly now through the direct action of God.”

“There is nothing for me to fear. God’s Spirit of good is at work and divine results are coming forth.”

“There is no absence of life, substance or intelligence anywhere, so there is no absence of life, substance or intelligence in this situation or in my life.”

“There is no absence of life, substance or intelligence anywhere.”

“Divine intuition is now showing me the way. Divine intuition is now working in and through me, in and through all concerned, producing easily and quickly the perfect outcome, the perfect result.”

“Divine telepathy is now revealing to me all truth about my special powers for prosperity.”

“Divine telepathy is now revealing to you, to me, to us, all truth about this situation.”

“I have unshakeable faith in the perfect outcome of every situation in my life, for God is in absolute control.”

“God’s almighty power goes before me, making easy, successful and delightful my way.”

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. The perfect result now appears.”

“You walk in the charmed circle of God’s love, and you are divinely irresistible to your highest good now.”

“There is no condemnation or resentment in me, for me or round about me. Divine love and harmony now reign supreme in me and in my world so all criticism now ceases.”

“We use the prosperous power of divine intelligence in wisdom, integrity and good judgment in all our financial affairs. We give thanks that every financial obligation is paid on time.”

“There is no criticism or condemnation in me, for me, or against me.

Divine love, wisdom and order now reveal perfect guidance and produce perfect results in me and my world.”

“The same divine trust that first motivated this financial transaction is now mightily at work, clearing it up for the highest good for all concerned.”

“There is a divine solution to this situation. The divine solution is the sublime solution. I give thanks that the divine solution quickly appears now!”

“I give thanks for the divine restoration in my business affairs, divine restoration is now doing its perfect work for all involved, and the perfect result appears now. I give thanks that every financial obligation is now being met in God’s own wise and wonderful way.”

“Everything and everybody prospers us now, and we prosper everything and everybody now.”

“I will not put up with or tolerate this experience as necessary, lasting or right. I refuse to accept things as they are. I am God’s child and I will accept nothing but His complete goodness for me.”

“Every day in every way I am becoming financially independent, with the help of God.”

“I expect lavish abundance every day in every way in my life and affairs.

I specifically expect and give thanks for lavish abundance today.”

“With God’s help, I am now deliberately and joyously radiating divine love to myself, my world, and to all humankind.”

“This is God’s day, a good day. I pronounce this day and all of its activities good!”

“I am now open and receptive to the rich, divine ideas that now perfectly initiate and sustain my business affairs.”

“Nothing can defeat me. I give thanks for the perfect, immediate right results. I rejoice that I am now successful in all my ways.”

“I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my prosperity. God is the source of my supply, so I now put God first financially. The voluntary,

faithful tithing of my whole income now operates the law of ever-increasing prosperity for me. Yes, I now tithe my way to peace, health and plenty.”

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light. My accomplishments are many. I am divinely equipped to accomplish great things with ease.”

“I pronounce this business conference and everything connected with it good, satisfying results quickly appear.”

“This is a time of satisfying completion. I loose and let go this day. Divine intelligence establishes only good from it. All else fades away.”

“As I lie down to peaceful sleep, I thank God for my successful day. I rest easily, knowing that divine intelligence is renewing my mind and body, and preparing me for an even more successful day tomorrow.”

“Divine intelligence, what positive, constructive, creative thought, word, attitude or action is my next stop to improve my present work? What is the next step into the abundance, satisfaction and freedom that is mine by divine right?”

“All financial doors are open; all financial channels are free, and endless bounty now comes to me.”

“I use the positive power of God’s rich substance in wisdom, love and good judgment in all my financial affairs, and I am prospered in all my ways.”

“I bless you with a rich increase of God’s almighty good.”

“Everything and everybody prospers me now and I prosper everything and everybody now.”

“I bless you and bless you for the riches of God that are now being demonstrated in and through you.”

“I rejoice in the bounty of God, constantly manifesting as overflowing supply here and now.”

“I give thanks that I am beautifully and appropriately:

– clothed with the rich substance of God.

– housed with the rich substance of God.

– transported with the rich substance of God.”

“Divine order is now established and maintained, harmony reigns supreme.”

“With praise and thanksgiving, I set the riches of God before me this day to guide, govern, protect, and prosper me. All things needful are now provided. My rich good becomes visible this day!”

“My words are charged with prospering power.”

“I give thanks that my financial income now increases mightily through the direct action of God’s rich good.”

“I give thanks for the immediate, complete payment of all financial obligations, in God’s own wonderful way.”

“I am a child of the living God, therefore I am one with his wisdom. That wisdom now leads me in paths of righteousness, peace and true success.”

“I give thanks for the immediate, complete, divine fulfillment of these desires. This or something better comes forth with perfect timing, according to God’s rich good for me.”

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Balancing the passive with the active

Balancing the passive with the active.
The in breath with the out breath. Day with night. Masculine with the feminine.

In work places often, in my opinion, there is much stress because of the lack of balance.stress Now, this is not a new fact but just one I am using to illustrate my point. Being active with working on the passive. Passive being the inner world, the intuitive, communication, skills, softer side of ones self. The active being the get up and go, drive, targets, results and all that is visible. Passive being the invisible, like staff morale, internal communication, hopes, goals and aspirations.
Where a company is driven by only active, visible, tangible goals there is often an imbalance that shows itself in unhappy employees, stressed out people and general unease. Where a company embraces the invisible, the intangible the so called “feminine”, there is also often a noticeable uplift in productivity as well as the increase in the unseen, such as morale.

Now to draw a parallel the day and night, male and female. Day is all about get Sun and Moon
up and go, sunshine, bright, visible where night time is about rest, the dark, unseen, moon, intuition. If you say “if I see it I believe it exists”. But at night time do you walk around in the dark and say because I do not see it, it does not exist? You can fall over tables and chairs if you do not respect the unseen.
Respecting the unseen, what you can’t see is what is needed. There is an epidemic of depression, stress and anxiety. All the unseen / non physical. We can see an epidemic of broken legs but not and epidemic of depression. But depression does exist just as much as a broken leg. But the physical “seen” injury is considered more treatable in western medicine. The “Medical model” of the healing profession is what is ruling the ship and also missing the unseen, the subtle, the intangible.
How do you fix depression, sadness, a broken heart. Is there a need to embrace the unseen, the thoughts, feelings and fears of people? In talk therapy, there is a space to address the unseen, the space to explore the unknown, a place to tap into the unawareness that may be driving the conscious waking life. However the medical model is more accessible and more acceptable. pillThere is a pill for that. But the pill is the active used to address the passive. Using force to shut up the inner voice. Is there more of a need to listen to the quiet, subtle part of ourselves that is trying to get our attention? Like a shy child that is trying to ask for what it wants without the correct vocabulary and being told to shut up or hurry up and tell us what you want.
To heal the unseen there is a need for us to listen to the quiet, find time to listen to the scary voice inside us that we are so actively running away from. Some will take up sport and fitness to run away from the quiet voice inside that is bringing them down. Some will take drugs to quieten the voice inside. But this voice is you, part of you that wants attention. It may turn up its volume through more serious depression, more health problems, more energy complications until you are tired of running and sit quietly to listen to the little voice inside that wants to help you and wants you to hear it.
How is this done? Our culture respects status, money, big house and a car etc. But does it respect the mother who nurtures without pay for a result that will show in years to come. We need money to survive in this culture but we also need healthy balanced emotionally mature people to live in our culture for it to thrive.
To me I notice that where there is a rational logical ordered way to some people, there is a creative, unordered, intuitive way to others. Often there is a disrespect from the logical mind toward the creative and unstructured. I often see the logical, rational person having little respect for those who embrace the arts. Those that need physical evidence being disrespectful to healers who work on the subtle. The unseen. Again who is walking around in the dark there..?
To me this is to do with balancing the masculine with the feminine. Culturally the masculine is respected. The feminine belittled. But like any relationship or company that works well, both masculine traits and feminine traits need equal respect for balance and harmony. Financial targets with a focus on long and short term goals. Healthy office space, staff development and profit motive in mind. I have seen where there are too many men in management they often have little consideration for the other elements that make a company work well. Such as team building, staff development, long term planning etc. Where there are too many women there can be a culture of getting lost in the details and loosing sight of the bigger picture. Where both work respectfully together there is more chance of harmony. Where both are allowed to have their opinion heard. Similar to a good relationship.
Where stress appears, it can be, for example, from over work. A masculine trait of activity, it needs balance with the feminine quality of resting. Active day with a restful night. The in breath with the out breath. If there is too much of either there can be unbalance and stress and dis-ease.


Yin and Yang

How do we balance the active with the passive? The doing with the resting, the talking with the listening. Any one who is successful these days will say they have some sort of practice where they meditate, pray or in other words have space for the inactive. The yin with the yang. Check with yourself how much time do you spend planning and thinking about what to do compared to doing. Or do you run around doing without any planning. Space for planning, listening to what is right for you may be what’s missing. Do we respect the quiet or are we afraid of it? Can meditating or having some practice of quietening your mind balance the seen with the unseen, the doing with the non doing and the active with the passive?

Just some thoughts from Emma at the Healing Room.
Emma is a reiki master, angel card reader and counsellor.   

Whats it all about, Eh? Looking good and living longer…

20050808-jesus-nosmoking-bitchNo meat, no coffee, no junk food, no smoking, no bad thoughts and no TV…..

Can we achieve it? Is this the answer to long life, looking good and happiness? Well em.. looking at the research.. em no. But it will probably leave a good looking corpse.

We hear that running is good for you, then hear of the guy who was super fit and then dropped dead while out running ( he was only 36). We hear smoking is bad for you, then watch Bessie Nolan who is 103 happily light up a cigarette.

We hear sugar is ageing us, smoking is bad for us, eating meat is bad. What is safe anymore??

A lot of us are looking for ways to get the edge, to look better, feel better and get happier ( than others). How do we achieve it? Is there a formula or is it all just marketing hype…

But lets dig deeper, what about the research about the Italian Americans who eat a fat laden diet (pasta, pizza etc), smoke like mad and drink lots yet are healthy and are living long happy lives… (See Article:Even the Long-Lived Smoke, Drink and Don’t Exercise)

What are we missing? Does the body need something else? Something other than exercise and a clean diet. Is there something other than our physical body running the ship?

Well, come on, old wives tales, common sense and stuff you can’t quite prove scientifically, yet, says a happy person is likely to live longer, loneliness will kill you and money wont make you happy ( but makes for a better class of misery). But anyway…

Possibly I am trying to justify my wine guzzling, believing (red) wine will make me happy, help me loose weight and help me win friends an influence people..

Back to the fat Italian Americans. The research states they live quite unhealthily (smoke, drink and don’t exercise.. ) Yet they are happy and living longer. What’s that about?

Lisa Rankin ( an American Doctor) states that she worked in one of the healthiest places in America where her clients were very health concious eg. vegan, gym bunnies types etc, yet she said they were the sickest people she met. Wondering why, she found out more than her medical training prepared her for. In her book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself  she goes into the other factors that affect your health. Science shows that the mind gets in the way to help or hinder our health. Support, friends, your perception of whether you can or can’t get better affects your health.. bla bla bla..

A friend who is a nurse said in her training she tended to two patients who had the same condition. One was a positive person and the other was “horrible” and not a very positive person. They came in on the same day but the more positive patient was out about 2 weeks before the more negative patient. To her, it showed that healing was speeded up by the outlook of the more positive patient or that client outlook really affects healing.

What comes to my mind is the “cure”. Not sure if this is widespread in Ireland but an other friend of mine in Monaghan says that there people in her area gifted with the cure for warts, whooping cough etc, and their magic works. People visit them to get “the cure”. But is it belief that it will work that cures them or is it more than that? ( could it be both). Science states that belief ( placebo affect) really does work and has significant power.

So redI believe this wine, these jellies and resting will make me slim, healthy and happy.. if that what I believe, then why not believe?

As a few wise people say ” everything in moderation” is what makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. A little bit of badness can’t hurt…

Cheers 🙂


Emma Henderson is a reiki master, counsellor and runs the Healing Room, Dublin, Ireland.