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At the Healing Room new services have been introduced to help boost your health and wellness.

Infrared Sauna blanket sessions: You can now book an infrared sauna blanket session. Relax the body and mind with a reiki infrared sauna blanket session. Sweat, relax and heal. You will be placed in a special sauna blanket, then some reiki will be used at the start of the session to help you relax, then you will be left to enjoy the relaxing benefits of the blanket. You will usually fall asleep. Near the end of the session reiki will be used again to help you come back into the room, as your mind may drift away. Then you will gently emerge from your session refreshed. Find out more or book now

Zapper Machine
Zapper machine

Parasite Zapper – new device to help you eliminate toxins, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi, without the use of harmful chemicals. This hand held device is used for short sessions. You can add this 15 minute session to your reiki or infrared blanket session. Find out more or Book now.

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