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A new way to detox and relax. If you are familiar with reiki ,this is a new way to totally relax the body, mind and spirit with reiki while you relax in an infrared blanket.

What is it?

Infrared Blanket
Infrared Blanket

Reiki in an infrared sauna blanket. Relax the body and mind with a reiki infrared sauna blanket session. Sweat, relax and heal. You will be placed in a special sauna blanket, then some reiki will be used at the start of the session to help you relax, then you will be left to enjoy the relaxing benefits of the blanket. You will usually fall asleep. Near the end of the session reiki will be used again to help you come back into the room, as your mind may drift away. Then you will gently emerge from your session.

What to expect:

You will sweat a lot! But toxins will be released and you will feel very calm afterwards. The blanket is unique in that it uses infrared radiation to directly heat the person. The infrared waves penetrate into the body, raising the body temperature. This causes sweating which in turns eliminates wastes from the body. The infrared heat penetrates deep into pores and cleans out dirt and debris, as well as clearing the organs of toxins, and strengthening the immune system. This combined with reiki will speed up a detoxification process of body, mind and spirit. Sometimes you can have a headache after a session which can mean toxins are released, so drink lots of water afterwards.

There will be gentle music playing and candles lit to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

What you need to bring: It is best to wear a swim suit or loose tee-shirt and tracksuit bottoms while in the blanket and bring your own towel. You will sweat a lot, be prepared! You will need to change afterwards.

Cost: €80

(Special offer 4 sessions for €200)

Length of session: 1hr

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Sweating is one of the body’s healthiest and most effective ways to eliminate toxins. It’s a crucial part of detoxification. The body clears energy through tears, sweat and vibration. Try this sweat session to clear your energy here.

Client feedback:
I felt alive in a whole new way. I was energized, clearheaded and vibrant after a session” . Another client: “I felt totally regenerated and my mood was much better after the session.

Client in session

Reported benefits of using sauna blanket with reiki:

• deep relaxation
• reducing muscular stress, tension, and physical fatigue
• aids in increasing heart rate, cardiac output, and helps with faster calorie burning
• improves skin tone, texture, and colour
• allows for deep cleansing, eliminating impurities and removing dead skin cells
• detoxification
• increased energy
• improves healing time from injuries, as well as relieving pain
• by creating an “artificial fever”, the sauna blanket actually improves the body’s immune system, as the function of the immune system is increased during a fever state
• increased muscle growth
• reduced cellulite
• raises growth hormone levels

Reduce Stress, Soothe your mind and release your Happy Chemicals. Revitalise Skin, Repair cells, increase collagen with deep penetrating IR heat. Release Toxins, Detox up to 7x more effective than a traditional sauna. Boost Immunity, reduce inflammation, improve sleep.

Blanket in the Healing Room, Ready for a treatment

Because of the heat and raised heart rate from using the blanket there are some Precautions and contraindications to using the blanket:

– May not be suitable for Pregnant women
– May not be suitable for Menstruating women.
– May not be suitable fro those who have had recent Heart bypass surgery
– May be a risk factor for those with High blood pressure more than 180.
– Those with any serious illness – please contact your doctor to see if you are suitable

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This treatment is offered from the Healing Room Donabate. Contact Emma or simply book your session here

All equipment is thouroughtly sanatised, cleaned and disinfected between treatments.