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Reiki healing works well with animals big and small. I have been working with animals, usually family pets including dogs, cats and horses since 2009.

Reiki and Horses

Reiki for horses can be a wonderful compliment to traditional care, whether your horse has emotional or behavioural problems, is sick, injured, or even dying.

Reiki healing energy and reiki treatments used on horses to reduce its stress, pain and can improve confidence, energy levels and help them to gain peak performance.

Benefits of Reiki for horses

· Reduces Stress

· Relieves Pain

· Assists with recovery from trauma

· Improves Confidence

· Helps gain peak performance

· Relaxes horses before races and travel

· Boosts energy levels

· Helps with flexibility

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Case studies:
I fostered kittens in the past for a cat charity. My first kitten that came to me was found on a golf course. So it was understandably scared when it had to spend its first night with a human. So I created a calm environment and sent Reiki energy into the room as well as to the kitten. When the kitten did relax I was able to cup it in my hands and do Reiki. The kitten began to relax more and then it fell asleep. I have since fostered more kittens and always do Reiki on them. They relax and sleep, when they have enough the get up and leave or move away.  I find it a nice thing to do on the somewhat stressed animals. I know Reiki begins working when their breathing changes and deepens and they stretch and usually close their eyes. If they curl up on my lap I sometimes do Reiki and they fall asleep.

Reiki and Horses
My sister has a horse who had been lame and off its food so when she asked me to try Reiki on her horse I gave it a go. I find similar to the kittens when the Reiki starts the horses breathing changes and the horse either takes a deep breath or yawns. Following the horse chakra system I worked  the chakra points and usually the horse stands still and lets me work until they walk away. I have done this in a stable and out in a field with a few horses. They usually stand still and let me and often close their eyes. I feel it creates a nice bond and the animals trust and relax. After the session, I give feedback to the owner and sometimes some guidance.

Kitten Soozie, first foster kitten
Soozie, the first foster kitten

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