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Online counselling

Online counselling via Skype or WhatsApp allows you to connect with the Healing Room wherever you may be in the world. So whether you are at home, at work, abroad; you need not be alone.

  • Arrange a time that suits
  • Its Flexible
  • Private and confidential
  • With Emma, a Qualified, IACP accredited, experienced counsellor

Video call sessions can take place through Skype or WhatsApp. Sessions begin when the client rings through with at the arranged time.
Both the client and therapist are visible to each other. This can be very important for some people who want that visual connection, but for whatever reason, are unable to access traditional face to face counselling support. Both people have access to the additional tool of seeing body language, facial expressions etc. in addition to the feedback associated with hearing. For some people, seeing who they are working with is as important for them as being seen themselves, and is an important aspect of connection and relationship establishment and  development.

You must have access to a smart phone for WhatsApp or Skype calls or computer/ laptop/ ipad for Skype depending on your preferred method of contact.

Online therapy suits some clients, especially those, who, for one reason or another prefer the comfort and seclusion of their own homes. Other clients may value the anonymity certain forms of online counselling provide.   The flexibility in terms of timing is also attractive to many clients. Clients with certain problems, including isolation, disability or social phobia, for example, will obviously benefit from the provision of online help (IACP)

How does it work/ what are the steps:

Step 1: Get in touch with Emma to discuss – email or call 087 9576418

Step 2: Arrange a time for your online appointment

Step 3: at arranged time the call is made to the_healingroom on Skype or to WhatsApp number 087 8576418 and then counselling online begins. Session will be 50 mins.

Step 4: payment is made online here on PayPal or by Stripe:

WhatsApp or Skype counselling is available

Find the Skype account: the_healingroom


WhatsApp 00353 87 9576418

Individual Video Counselling €60

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Alternatively if you use Zoom, an appointment can be conducted through Zoom ( a free video app)  free on App store or Google Play