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Work from home: Tips for creating the best work space

Your home is a source of security and comfort. If work is stressful and you are working from home it can feel that you can’t get away from it.

These tools and tips will help you keep your home as your sanctuary and clear any stressful harmful energy from your working space of your home.

Lighting your space

Is your office lighting making you sick? Studies have shown that “task lighting” like what you would get from a desk lamp, provides optimal visual conditions. Try getting yourself a small desk lamp and if possible, turn off overhead lights.

Light bulbs  -“warm white” CFLs can help save your eyes, and reduce the likelihood of headaches. CFL: compact fluorescent lamp.

Natural light: Let in as much natural light as possible. If you are not near a window, try hanging mirrors to reflect light, and painting the office a soft white colour to brighten spaces if possible. If those options aren’t available, take frequent five minute breaks outdoors.

Clearing your space

Keep the energy clear around your computer by burning sage regularly to clear energy of stress or other peoples stress.

Colours for concentration

Yellow- yellow helps us think clearly, increases our awareness and stimulates our curiosity. A yellow pen, mug table mat, yellow mouse mat all could help you concentrate better. Yellow flowers can help with concentration too.

EMF protecting crystals

As your computer emits EMFs- electromagnetic frequencies these can disturb your energy, concentration and brain waves. To help combat these why not try some EMF absorbing crystals around your desk and computer. These can help you feel less fatigued and sick after being on your computer for long spells. Obsidian, Indigo gabro, Hematite, Shungite are all good crystals that help absorb EMFs for our protection.

Get a salt lamp like a Himalayan salt lamp. Keep a salt lamp plugged in near to where you work. It can help eliminate EMF from computers and bring a nice atmosphere to your space.

Basil plant

Plants for your work space and home.

Basil is believed to clear the air of negative energy and attract positive vibrations to the environment.


Working from home workshop. Learn more about these tips and more in a Zoom workshop and face to face to worshop.

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  • Learn about clearing energy after calls and protecting your space
  • Find out outBest plants to absorb EMFs, crystals to boost productivity
  • Music in the background – what helps with concentration
  • The best colours to boost concentration and mental activity/ brain power
  • Essential oils for concentration
  • Can your computer be making you feel sick, is it hard to concentrate with zoom calls?
  • Candles, sounds, smells, plants, colours for the best working from home place
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