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Energy Cleansing Session: In this reiki infused energy cleansing/ healing session you will experience deep relaxation and after the session you will emerge feeling refreshed and usually much calmer. You will feel an energy clearing and will feel brighter and more relaxed after the session.

Most come to this session when they feel their energy is “off”, feeling anxious, ungrounded and generally unsettled. Reasons for feeling off is not always clear. Some people are sensitive to astrological events, full moons, space weather and earth changes such as earthquakes, volcanos etc. Some call this an earth sensitive or earth empath. We can feel this in our body as aches and pains headaches (search Schumann resonance and kp index). We can feel out of sorts, anxious for no reason, stressed and irritable because of what is happening in our atmosphere. Space weather such as solar flairs can trigger migraines and headaches in some people. A large number of studies have identified significant physical, biological and health effects associated with changes in Solar and Geomagnetic Activity( read studies here).

There may be things going on in your life that has you unsettled. Work stresses, friends, family and relationship issues can make you feel out of sorts. You may have found yourself in a negative frame of mind and wish to find ways to lift it. This session may highlight areas you need to work on or things you need to be aware of. Or this session can just be a treat for yourself as a pick me up.

Reiki healing

This healing session will aim to bring you into balance and in turn help you feel better and with your energy cleansed. This session will help support you in whatever may be going on in your life and may help you manage stress better.

What happens in the session?

You will lie on a plinth, a light blanket will cover you. As with reiki, the session will begin at your head with either hands off or hands on. You may feel heat from the hands or a tingling sensation.

In this session the violet flame of transmutation is used or called on, angels are called in to clear your energy. Sage or palo salto can be used before the session to clear the space. Fire dragons are called upon to help clear and balance your energy. Mahatma energy is called upon to help as it is protective, cleansing and healing. Archangel Michael and his blue flame is called on for clearing and protection.

In this special energy healing session you will be protected, cleansed and reminded that there is help all around you, you just need to ask.

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A session lasts 1hr and costs €90

Along with minding your energy by ensuring you get outside into nature regularly, even better to walk in your bare feet on grass can help you feel better. Come for a energy clearing session to help balance your energy.
This session will help you begin your journey to managing and understanding your energy. You can find out more about the healing methods used by checking out the further reading below.

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