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The Healing Room runs a number of workshops through the year.

Next workshop:

Angel Workshop – Saturday 19th November 2022

  • Connect with angels for grounding, protection and relaxation
    Would you like more peace and relaxation in your life? Do you feel sometimes that you would like more support? This angel workshop will help you discover the tools for a more satisfying purposeful life. These simple tools and exercises will help you feel more connected to a wealth of support available to you.
    · Relaxation / meditation
    · Learn about Grounding and protection
    · Angels for healing and protection
    · Chakras and colours, the essentials
    · Expect to feel renewed and refreshed at the end of this workshop
    2.5 hour workshop €25
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  • Future workshops:
  • Chakras, crystals and angels
    This workshop looks at the connection between crystals, angels, colours and chakras for health and wellbeing. Learn about the 7 main Chakras and the crystals, essential oils and angels associated with each.
    In this workshop we will cover Chakras and colours, we will learn about crystals and how to use them. We will learn some basics about essential oils for wellness and chakra balancing. Learn tools for clearing your space including Sage, Palo Santo, Solfeggio Music, Salt lamps, visualisation and angels of protection.
    2 hour workshop €25
  1. Setting boundaries
    Learn about Boundaries with clients for therapists, alternative and holistic therapists; Learn Self Care tips.
    Do you have trouble minding your energy, maintaining healthy boundaries and good time management with clients? Do you feel burnt out giving to your friends and loved ones? Do you need help setting clear boundaries and help with self care? Then this workshop is a step in the right direction.
    2 hour workshop €25

  1. Angel Card Reading Basics
    Come along and learn the basics of Angel Card Readings. If you enjoy the cards but would like to get better at reading them for yourself and others then this workshop basics is for you.
    Learn the basics, signs, symbols and working with a client. Learn about developing your intuition with your deck of angel cards.
    · How to prepare yourself for a reading
    · Signs, symbols, their meanings in the cards
    · Working with your client
    · Calling in support
    · Cleansing, clearing and self care after a reading
    3 hour workshop, Investment: €75

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 What others have said about recent workshops:

” Thank you Emma, I was so grateful to be part of the Boundaries Workshop. I would recommend this to others. “

“Thanks for a very interesting workshop ”

“Thank you very much for giving up your time and giving the presentation yesterday. It was very thought provoking and great to listen to the group’s experience. I really appreciated it “

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