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In order to create the right space for meditation, healing and relaxation a number of tools can be used to clear energy from your space, to bring in more light and to generally make your space, atmosphere and room a nice and relaxing, safe space to live, work and play in!

I have put together a list below of the tools I use to help create the best healing space:

  1. Sage – Sage is used typically for purification and spiritual blessings. It can be used to clear spaces with its smoking leaves. It is a Naive American tool used in smudging ceremonies. but is now popular for healers, therapists and anyone working with people to help clear
    Sage for Smudging
    spaces. Smudging is a ceremony used to clear away negative energies and to attract ones that are more positive. Native Americans have traditionally used many herbs for this purpose, each one having a different effect on the aura and inner being. You may burn a smudge stick directly from the end (extinguish carefully afterwards), or break off fragments to burn in a container such as a shell. When smudging, try to feel connected with a power greater than yourself. You may say prayers while using a feather, or simply the palm of your hand, to brush
    the smoke over you. Get on Amazon or holistic shop
  2. Palo Santo. Palo Santo  literally means the Saint Tree/ Holy Wood. Used for centuries in Peru and Ecuador for spiritual ceremonies. The properties of Palo Santo wood makes it ideal for use in cleansing of places, people and objects, for clearing ceremonies and before meditation or prayer. It is been used and revered to by many for hundreds of years for it’s cleansing, spiritual, healing and medicinal properties, similar to the properties that can be found by using Sage and Cedar. It has a delicate sweet, fresh and woodsy aroma with hints of mint and citrus.
    Burn chips as you would incense or smudge sticks; light, allow to burn momentarily, blow out flame and fan ember. May need to be re-lit. “Wash” persons, places, or property with the smoke. The more the chip is lit, the easier it is to keep the ember going. Available from the holistic shop or on amazon
  3. Room sprays One room spray I have been using recently is the Australian Bush Flowers Love System Organic Space Clearing Mist. After a healing session or before clients come for counselling or Reiki I spray this around and it instantly lifts the energy of the room. Clients have reported feeling better by just having this sprayed over them in a mist!
  4. Crystals – Amethyst It’s excellent to hold or have by you when you’re practicing meditation and when placed in a room it can help absorb negativity. The wonderfully coloured amethyst, with its variety of shades of purple reminds us of the spiritual thread that runs through our life and can be used as a tool to aid spiritual awakening and intuition. Available online from Amazon 

5. Some Essential oils for space clearing and relaxing

FrankincenseLavender and Juniper are good essential oils for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

A little about Frankincense: Highly conducive to prayer and meditation, frankincense has a very pronounced soothing, comforting, fortifying and elevating action on the mind and soul/spirit. It also slows and deepens the breathing while relaxing the brain, producing feelings of calm. Its comforting, refreshing action is helpful for anxious or obsessive states of mind, especially those associated with the past – helpful if you tend to dwell on past events and want to break the link with unwanted memories. The antidepressant, stimulating action may assist you to overcome despair and depression, particularly post-natal. Since antiquity frankincense has been used to drive out ‘evil spirits’. We might think of these nowadays as obsessions, fears, anxieties etc which may manifest as mental or physical illness. Available from Amazon 


Read more about Space Clearing in this book called  Sacred Space by Denise Linn

“Everything in the universe is composed of constantly changing energy, including our homes and their contents. By clearing and enhancing this energy, we can turn our living spaces not only into sanctuaries for ourselves but also into places which radiate positive energy for the benefit of others.”

You can get the Space Clearing book on Amazon


Music as a healer and cleanser. Music can calm and cleanse a space. Try Sofleggio sounds at home:

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