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Epsom salt baths for energy clearing. I often recommend my clients to soak in an Epsom salt bath to help ground them, clear energy, help the body relax and replenish magnesium in the body. An Epsom salt bath can also be used to alleviate body aches and as a stress relief and sleep aid.

“When your body is deficient in magnesium it can lower your serotonin levels, making you sad, while also affecting your appetite and sleep. When you soak in a bath of Epsom salts, it aids your body in the production of serotonin. Magnesium in the Epsom salt not only helps to reduce stress and improve your mood, but it also helps you sleep. Plus studies show that those suffering from Lyme disease can greatly benefit from Epsom salt soaks.”

Anti-Inflammatory: Epsom salt is a great anti-inflammatory and has been shown to decrease inflammation while also increasing the elasticity of your arteries. Soak yourself in an Epsom salt bath a few times a week to lower inflammation that can lead to joint aches.

You can easily get Epsom salts in most chemists.

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Energy clearing blend: Many clients come to me with stress and anxiety. One of the things I recommend to my clients is to get some Epsom Salts and Bread Soda(Sodium bicarbonate). This mix is excellent for a relaxing bath. Especially after a stressful day. Epsom salts contain magnesium. Magnesium is mineral that is often depleted in those who are stressed (Read Symptoms of low magnesium). A soak in an Epsom salt bath is very relaxing and calming.

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Bread Soda
The mix of Epsom salts and Bread Soda is beneficial for those who are especially sensitive.  Those who tend to “pick up” others feelings and stresses – “energy sponge types” will benefit from the bread soda and Epsom salt mix bath. This mix is often called an aura cleanser or psychic detox.
Your aura is the energetic mirror of your physical body, as well as, the place where thoughts, emotions, and intentions are held.
  Throughout the day you accumulate energy from the people and places you have encountered. Without releasing, and protecting yourself from these blocks you create more energetic obstacles in your life. You may find you feel lethargic, moody, and off kilter. If you feel ungrounded, and out of your head it is a sure sign you need a good spiritual cleansing!

Baking/bread soda is a common household item that packs a powerful punch of spiritual cleansing. A natural alkalizer and detoxifier bead soda is great at pulling out blockages from the aura. Returning your energetic vibration to something more neutral. Leaving you with a sense of peace, and equilibrium. This is especially helpful when dealing with exhausting people, or situations.

Both of these ingredients are very cheap and easily available. Make your mix 50% bread soda 50% Epsom salt –  a hand full of each. Get your own Epsom Salts and Bread soda/ sodium bicorbonate on Amazon.

If you are unable to take baths due to physical limitations or other reasons, here are a few alternatives:

  • Soak your feet in Epsom salts.
  • Use a salt scrub in the shower.
  • Put your hands in a bowl of salt or Epsom salt water.
  • Wade or swim in the ocean.
  • Sit near the ocean.
Himalayan Salts

Extra help: Add Himalayan salt: Himalayan revitalises and softens the skin, draws out impurities and improves circulation. Amazingly Himalayan pink salt contains 84 minerals and elements that can be found in the human body, readily absorbed into your skin. The Himalayan salt is a wonderful detoxifier aiding the transfer of toxins.

Get some Himalayan salts online:

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Get some Epsom salts online

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